Friday, June 01, 2007

77. Another Amarillo TX Teardrop

I haven't posted here in a long time. Haven't had the trailer out in a long time either.

Here's a picture of another teardrop trailer being built by Ken & Noel in Amarillo. They also have a blog showing their progress. They seem to be getting it together pretty rapidly so far, and I really like the classic traditional style of this trailer.

This makes about 6 of these trailers in the Amarillo area that I know of. Soon, we'll all get together and have a teardrop trailer race. Or something.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

76.Ron and Laine’s Conejos River Trip

My daughter Laine and I took a trip to the Conejos River to do a little fishing and camping. The weather was nice and cool. We were glad to escape the HOT!! drought that is presently going on in the Texas Panhandle. Laine camped in an original canvas Hilary tent that I bought back in college. I think the tent is an antique by now. The Bravo trailer is insulated on the bottom, top, and sides. I believe that our teardrop design will make a good four season camp trailer.

We stopped by The Conejos River Anglers to buy fishing licensing and advice on fishing the river. The owner was very friendly and took a good picture of Laine and me.

Laine was the best fisherman on the trip. I hope she will remember this trip for ever….I will.

Monday, July 31, 2006

75. Texas Prairie Road Trip

Rodney is crossing the Texas Prairie like his relatives did back in the old covered wagon days. I’m sure that his pioneer kinfolk did not travel with air conditioning and a CD player.

Rodney is enjoying the cool of the Texas Panhandle morning.

74. Lake Meredith

Ron & Laine set up camp overlooking the lake.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

73. Rodney Dreams

After a hard day of Teardrop camping Rodney needs a little nap. Let’s see what he might be dreaming about.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

72. Second trip to Palo Duro Canyon

For the first time, we got all four trailers together. Along with some good brisket, Joan brought deer corn and milo, so we had lots of company over for supper.

71. Air Conditioner field tests

We did some operational tests of the removable air conditioning doors at Palo Duro Canyon where the afternoon temperature was in the upper 90's. It took me 4 minutes to change doors and install the air conditioner. Joe did his in TWO minutes. (But he's had practice, and he used good tools.)

It appears that our system works really well. We built a flange onto the air conditioner with aluminum angle channel, and simply bolt the assembly into the door opening. I was worried that the AC weight might cause the door to sag, but that's not the case. The torpedo hinges are quite strong. Joe says he wouldn't be afraid to pull the trailer nor to open and close the door normally with the AC installed. He went ahead and installed an exterior door latch on his. I believe he is right.

The 5000 btu AC unit cools the trailer down to walk-in beer cooler temperature in about 15 minutes. I pulled up the covers and slept good in mine.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

70. Torpedo hinges and air conditioning

No posts on this blog in a long, long time. Know why? Because it's been too hot, that's why.

Here are pictures of Joe's trailer with his air conditioning unit. Our torpedo hinges allow for quick and easy removal of the door, so for each of our trailers, we made an extra door with an air conditioner mount. This allows us to leave the AC (and door) at home if not needed, or to carry it in the truck if its going to be hot.

It is your typical chain store 5000 btu AC window unit, weighs about 40 pounds.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

69. More Palo Duro

68. Palo Duro Canyon

More Palo Duro pictures:
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